When Mata Parvati Cursed Shiva Short Story

When Mata Parvati Cursed Shiva Short Story

Friends, You Must be aware that Mata Parvati Was cheated… by lord shiva, karthikey, naradmuni and lord vishnu. because of this deceit, mata parvati had suffered a lot of trouble. she couldn’t bear it… and cursed them all. let’s find what deceit she faced. one day, lord shiva requested to mata parvati for playing gambling. mata parvati fulfilled his wish. but lord shiva defeated by mata parvati. he lost everything in the game.

he left behind everything and went to the forest. when karthikay came to know… he went to mata parvathi for playing gambling and won. he collected all item from mata parvati and gave to lord shiva. suddenly mata parvati realized… how unlucky she is… she lost her husband as well as lost everything in game. she told everything to son Ganesha. Ganesha went to Lord Shiva and played game. Lord Shiva defeated by Ganesha… he delivered this messege to Mata Parvati… Mata Parvati told him to come along with Lord Shiva.

He followed her order and start searching of Lord Shiva Ganesha found Lord shiv in Haridwar along with Karthikey and Lord Vishnu. when Ganesha told him to go back… Lord Shiva denied. suddenly Shiv devotee Ravana came in the form of cat… and scared the mouse. he ran away. Shiva told Lord Vishnu to transformed himself into pasa. Ganesha told Mata parvati that Lord Shiva is upset and denied to come back. when Ganesha returned to Lord Shiva… Shiva said ‘they have new pasa’… If Parvati wants to play again, then she can come back. She Laughed and said that she has nothing to lose.

At the same time Narad Muni gave his Veena and other items gave to Mata Parvati. once again Lord Shiva and Mata parvati played a game. But this time Lord Shiva was winning every time. suddenly Ganesha found that Lord Vishnu is in the form of Pasa. Ganesha told everything to Mata Parvati. she got angry. Ravana tried to convince Mata Parvati… But She didn’t calm down. Mata parvati curse to Lord shiva… That he will carry Ganga on his head for Eternal. Lord Vishnu got a curse from Parvati… ‘Ravana will be your biggest enemy’. Ravana received a curse being slaughtered by Lord Vishnu. Naradmuni cursed for not stay on one place. and Karthikey received a curse… that he will never grow up.

Friends, Lord shiva, Lord Vishnu, Ganesha,Ravana,Naradmuni and Karthikey cursed by Mata Parvati forever.

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