When Lord Vishnu and Shiva gave birth to a Son

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How Ma Chandika destroyed the devil Mahisasur. But did you know Mahisasur had a wife? She was Mahishi. And she decided to avenge her husband’s death & started praying to Brahma. Which made her almost invincible.

So let’s find out what did she ask for? To avenge her husbands death, she started to chant Lord Brahma’s name & impressed him. In return, she asked him to make her immortal. But Lord Brahma refused to make her immortal.

This made her change her request to something else. She said that only a son conceived between Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu can kill her. Everyone knows both of them are Male. So it was impossible for them to conceive. So let’s find out, how did she finally die.

Once Narad Muni, reached Kailash Parbat while embarking his journey. He praised Lord Vishnu’s avatar of Mohini in front of Lord Vishnu & Parvati. At that very moment, they decided to see Lord Vishnu’s avatar Mohini.

So they all decided to travel to Vaikund. Lord Shiva requested Lord Vishnu to show him his Mohini Avatar. As soon as Lord Shiva saw, he fell head over heels for Mohini.

And that’s how Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu conceived a son called Dharmashastha. We also know him as Ayyappa or Manikandan. Lord Ayyappa has a lot of followers.

Lord Ayyappa has a temple named Sabrimala in Kerala. It’s known as the place where he resides. We can learn more about his birth in Brahmanda Purana Also, in the eight lessons of Bhagwad Puran’s we can learn about Mohini & Lord Shiva. How did Ayyappa kill Mahishi?

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