Story of Krishna and Sudama

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The depth and knowing developed in true friendship is illustrated in the story of Shri Krishna and Sudama Krishna and Sudama were both pupils at Acharya Sandi Pani’s ashram in Vrindavan Krishna who was a Royal and Sudama, a boy from a poor brahman family developed an uncanny friendship and mutual respect During that time they were almost inseparable during their stay

On completing their studies at the Ashram Krishna and Sudama said their Goodbyes and even as Krishna grew to become a successful king of Dwaraka Sudama lived a very simple and frugal life with his wife and two children They were poor Sudama’s wife persuaded Sudama against his wishes to go and seek help from Krishna so that they could lead a more comfortable life Not wanting to go empty handed and remembering that Krishna loved puffed rice he requested his wife to pack puffed rice as a gift

to Shri Krishna On arriving in Dwaraka Krishna greeted his friend warmly and even washed his feet with his own hands He also arranged for the best of things to make Sudama comfortable Even as they reminisced their childhood Sudama was embarrassed to give puffed rice as a gift to Krishna Krishna was the ruler of the entire land Krishna sensing this and knowing that Sudama was carrying puffed rice asked for it and ate it delightfully and told Sudama that this is the best thing that he has ever eaten Feeling more embarrassed now at how well he was treated Sudama did not ask Krishna for anything even as he bid adieu

On his way back Sudama was gravely concerned as to what he would tell his wife But as he reached home with reluctant steps he found a magnificent palace where his home once stood and his wife came out wearing an elegant saree and greeted him happily Stunned….happy…. yet grateful Sudama’s heart filled with gratitude for Krishna Friendship is a bond and understanding that one develops when nothing needs to be said and yet the other person knows May there be many a friendships that you have as blessed as Shri Krishna and Sudama’s

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