Ravana supreme devotee of Lord Shiva

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Do you know how to make Raavan, know Bholainath’s supreme devotee? Let’s know that this story of Ravana. Let’s start All this knows that Ravana was a very Egoistic sinful monster, He did a lot of torture on the earth but did you know this That how did Ravana get his ego?

According to legends, Kuber is the stepbrother of Ravana Both the kings were the children of the Rushi Vishva Seeing the qualities of his son Kuber King Rushi Vishwva gave his royal revelation to Kuber But for some reason, the king Rushi Vishwah back the Kuber Royalty And gave his second son to Ravana Then Raavan becomes the king of Lanka Because of this,

He becomes slowly-slowly Egoistic The began to oppress the saint and the common people when this news came to Kuber He sent an envoy to try to convince Ravana that he advised following the path of truth, Then Ravana got angry and took the captive and killed him Ravana was so proud of himself that He sent his brother Kuber to the army to take control of Alkapuri The city of Kuber destroyed Kuber also got injured in this war After this,

the generals reached Kuber at Vaido and treated them there, After defeating Kuber, Ravan snatched Kusher’s Pushpak aircraft, One day Ravan was riding on a Pushpa aircraft So the speed of the Pushpak aircraft got less in front of a mountain, Only then came Nandishwar with a huge black statue in front of him He said that here Shiva is immersed in his penance you go back,

Ravan got angry on this and said, ‘Who is Shiva, I will destroy this mountain coming in my way Ravan tries to raise the mountain as soon as Similarly Lord Shiva creates pressure on the mountain with the thumb of his foot Because of this Ravana’s hands are buried under the mountain, In this painful pain,

he recites the praises of Shiva present in Samaveda Pleased with this, Shiva releases his hands, In this happiness itself, Shivaji named Ravana the name of Dashanan It means Enraged enemy for gruesome screaming Because by pressing the hand of Ravana under the mountain He was forced to giggle in a gruesome way So friends, Such as The supreme devotee of Ravana Bholenath.

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