Rama Conquers Lanka Short Story

Rama Conquers Lanka Short Story

Ravana was shocked to hear about his brother’s death. As his last hope, he called his son Indrajit. Indrajit possessed immense magical powers. Indrajit returned to the battle Finally Indrajit discharged, the sacred Brahmastra. And Lakshmana lay unconscious on the battlefield. Rama and the monkey army felt sad on seeing Lakshmana like this. Jambhavan on seeing this happen took control of the situation and summoned Hanuman He told him to go to the Himalayas to the Sanjeevini parvatha and bring back, four wonderful herbs. which had healing qualities to rescue everyone. Hanuman rose above the earth, and flew off with great speed.

When he reached the Himalayas, he saw the mountain that Jambavan had described. But he could not find the herbs. So he uprooted the entire mountain with all the herbs growing there, and returned to Lanka. The fragrance of the herbs in the mountain revived Lakshmana. The battle was resumed. Lakshmana used the Indrastram, And the great warrior Indrajit fell dead. With the fall of Indrajit, Ravana was shattered. He wailed most piteously, and his sorrow gave place to anger. He started for the battlefield.

Ravana came face to face with Rama Both Ravana and Rama were equally powerful The battle between them was very fears One by one Rama cut off Ravana’s ten heads with his arrows but, no sooner was one head cut off then another grew to take its place. Finally, Rama used a very powerful weapon which was the mightiest of all mighty weapons, the weapon whizzed through the air emitting flame it pierced the chest of Ravana Ravana fell back dead from his chariot.

Ravana had lost everything due to his greed and lust. After Ravana’s death, Vibheeshana, was duly crowned the king of Lanka. Sita’s eyes sparkled with tears of joy as she was once again united with her husband Rama. The 14 years of exile was almost over, Rama, Lakshmana, Sitha, Hanuman and Sugreeva mounted the Pushpaka Vimana and bade farewell to Lanka. The Pushpaka Vimana reached Ayodhiya. Bharatha, was waiting for Rama’s return. Soon, Rama was crowned the king of Ayodhiya Hanuman had become an ardent devotee of Rama He sat at Rama’s feet. Sri Rama ruled over Ayodhiya for many years. People lived a happy and contented life in his kingdom And, this glorious reign was hailed as Rama Rajya Jai Sri Ram !

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