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Between the Yamuna river which split into two, under Adishesha’s hood as an umbrella, Vasudev was taking little Krishna to Repalle.

Taking Yogamaya who was born to Yashoda in Repalle, replacing Krishna and asking to raise him like a son, Vasudev gave him to Nanda as ordered by Lord Vishnu. Nanda did not wish to tell this to Yashoda.

Vasudev took that little girl and came back to the prison. As soon as they came the little girl started crying loudly. Listening to the girl crying everyone including the donkey woke up. Knowing the matter Kamsa came to prison, when he came he saw a little girl.

Even if it is a girl he did not want to take chances, he thought he threw her up and was about to cut her with the sword. With one hand he threw her up, but the little girl did not come down she was up itself.

Kamsa, you locked your sister and brother-in-law in prison, you killed your 6 sons-in-law, not even realizing that they are kids, you tried to kill a newborn baby girl, you are increasing your sins, your death has taken birth long back and he is very safe, he will grow up and come back as your death, she warned him and disappeared.

Kamsa was all the more scared. My enemy is born. I have to kill him before he grows up. He ordered all the soldiers to kill all the infants in the kingdom. Kamsa’s soldiers have killed 1000s of infants in the kingdom. Exactly a similar situation happened with king Herod in the bible, He got all the kids who were below 3years killed.

After getting all the infants killed, Kamsa was not satisfied, to not take any chances, he called all the demons he won over and ordered go to all the kingdoms and if you find any little boy, kill him. Kamsa’s 46 monsters went to all the kingdoms, in Repalle Yashoda was bringing up Krishna lovingly, she did not know that Krishna was not born to her.

Krishna never used to cry, he was smiling and used to play cutely. One day, she fed Krishna milk, put him to sleep and went inside the house to work. In the meantime, a demon named Putana sent by Kamsa, turned herself into a pretty lady and started searching for kids in Repalle.

Because of the monsters sent by Kamsa, Did Krishna fall in danger? How beautiful was the love of Radha and Krishna?

Krishna who never cried till then started to cry loudly when Putana was crossing his home in his lane. Listening to the kid crying, Putana came into Krishna’s house, seeing Krishna she took him in her lap and started feeding him milk.

Through that milk she was feeding Krishna poison, she thought since he is an infant I will kill him without any pain. Krishna started drinking milk, he kept on drinking. Milk was done but still, he was drinking, but now he was not drinking milk, he was drinking blood. Krishna drank all her blood thus finishing her strength, held her tight and killed her.

Meanwhile, Yashoda came, Putana died and came back to her demonic form. Krishna was playing on the demon’s body, Not able to understand how the demon entered and died in her home, she told Nanda, Nanda took the demon out of the village and burnt it into ashes. After Putana died, few gods took her soul to the Vaikunta.

You got the access of Vaikunta, you can stay here, they said. Vaikunta access for me? I am a demon. She asked, why am I so lucky? You fed milk to the Lord Vishnu himself. Even though you are a monster, pitying that he is an infant, you wanted to kill him without any pain, you fed him a sedative poison with milk.

You did that only because Kamsa told you to but, you dint try to kill him wanted. That is why you have access to Vaikunta. All the demons whom Kamsa sent returned, except Putana. Now, Kamsa understood. His death is still alive somewhere.

But Kamsa doesn’t know where Putana died. Again he sent everyone, this time a demon named Thrinavata came to Repalle. Again Krishna started crying, Thrinavata created a big sand storm, because of that sandstorm the people standing next to each other could not see each other.

Listening to Krishna cry he went near him, Thrinavata held Krishna and took him to the sky. Krishna was a little boy, he smiled looking at Thrinavata. Seeing that Thrinavata got angry and held Krishna, they created a sandstorm and turned Krishna in it. Krishna got shocked and stopped smiling.

Krishna held Thrinavata’s neck with his tiny hands and started rotating him. Krishna rotated Thrinavata more fastly than he rotated Krishna, lifted him up in the air and threw him down with the speed of a rocket, and hit the floor. Suddenly, a big noise came and all the dust fell to the ground and the sandstorm stopped.

When everyone went to see what the sound was everyone saw little Krishna playing on the demon’s body. All the monsters again came back to Kamsa, except Thrinavata. Now Kamsa confirmed, that somewhere his death was alive.

Kamsa was engulfed in thoughts of how to eliminate his death. Krishna had killed a lot of monsters. Krishna was killing Nanda was burning. Thinking that so much was happening to Krishna at a tender age, Yashoda and Nanda decided to leave Repalle and go somewhere else. They went to Brundhavan where their relatives stayed.

As soon as they reached Brundhavan, a little girl came to see Krishna. That little girl was 2 years older than Krishna. In relation, she is aunt to Krishna. That little girl’s name was Radha. As Radha saw Krishna her body shivered in happiness. Seeing his little hands, legs, and blue body, and smiling face, Radha picked him up and played with Krishna.

Balarama also stayed nearby. Everyone grew together. Balarama was also very strong like Lakshman. He had excessive anger and aggression. He always felt his brother’s word was his own. Krishna entered a mischievous age.

Because of Krishna’s mischief, Brundhavan became too noisy. Every evening to complain about Krishna’s mischievous behavior, all ladies of Brundhavan came to Yashodha’s house and said. ‘Oh Yashodha! should we stay in Brundhavan or leave? Your son is not letting us live peacefully. He is not leaving any milk, curd or butter in our house.

There is no problem if he drinks them, but he is breaking the pots hung to the ceiling. He is making holes in the pots, that is also not a problem. He is eating all the butter in the kitchen and he is rubbing it on my sleeping daughter-in-law’s mouth and leaving.

Feeling that the daughter-in-law ate a;; the butter, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are fighting. He is drinking milk and curd in one house and throwing the pots in another house. Because of that, all the neighbors are fighting, They complained in different ways.

Thinking if Krishna was doing all of this, shocked and angry, she looked at Krishna. Immediately Krishna kept an innocent face, mother! I am such a small boy. How can I do all of that? I am your son, do not listen to the mother.

Seeing you pampering me a lot, they all are trying to separate us by telling the lies mother, he said. Listening to that, Yashodha’s heart melted and she went inside the house, came out removed the evil-eye from her son and scolded all the ladies and sent them. One day all the girls were playing with Krishna.

Seeing Krishna playing only with Radha, all the girls felt jealous. and said even we came to play with you, how can you play only with Radha? They asked. Now I will play with everyone equally, start again. Krishna playing dandiya with one girl, therefrom that body another body of Krishna came out and was playing with another girl.

From that body, another Krishna’s body, like this he played dandiya will all the girls. The love between Radha and Krishna is often mistaken as sexual by many people. Else they think it is a love between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. But the love between them is love between God and devotee. It is the real pure love.

Pure love does not mean the love that happens in school, college, office, and society, between girls and boys. On god, 99.99 percent of our human fear, devotion, and love is not true. What we have towards god is just a need, that is why whenever we go to god, we ask what we need. We pray to solve our problems, ask boons, ask him to take care of us.

If we really have love on god, any day did we ask God to come in front of us, sit and talk to us casually for 10 mins, or to go out together? Question yourself. But Radha’s love is a devotion, worship, liking. Radha loved Krishna a lot, Krishna loves Radha similarly too.

Because anyone is a slave to purest love, even if it is god. That is why even though Krishna had a lot of wives, they always call him RadhaKrishna. Radha is a girl and she is of the same age group, most of them misunderstood the love between them. In our society, if we find a person with the same qualities as ours, we tend to befriend them.

If the friendship grows, liking grows. If immense liking grows that turns into love. If the love grows beyond limits, that doesn’t have a name, that is why we call it love. That is the love of Radha and Krishna.

Their love is not physical and mental, it is spiritual love. We cannot name that love and set a price to that love. Once Brundavan was full of commotion due to Krishna’s mischief, everyone started loving Krishna.

All the girls fell in love with him. Krishna is life for Radha, for Yashodha, Krishna was everything. Leaving everyone behind, why did Krishna have to Brundhavan.

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