Lord Ram death true story

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Lord Rama ruled the Earth for more than 10,000 years In this long reign, Lord Ram has done many such great works, which have given a glorious history to Hindu religion.

Then how did Lord Ram disappear from this world? What was the reason that Lord Rama had to leave his family to return to Vishnulok ? According to a legend recorded in Padma Purana, one day an elderly saint reached the court of Lord Ram and requested him to discuss in private alone.

While listening to the call of that saint, Lord Ram took him to a room and raised his younger brother Laxman at the door and said that if someone tried to dissolve him and the discussion of that saint, he would get the death penalty. Laxman, following the command of his eldest brother, left the two in solitude in the room and began to guard himself outside.

The elderly saint was not anyone else but ‘Kaaldev’ himself who came from Vishnulok He was sent to tell Lord Rama that his life on earth is complete and now he will have to return to his celestial home.

Suddenly at the door, came the sage ‘Durvasa’ He requested Lakshman to go inside the room to talk to Lord Rama, but following the command of Shriram, Laxman forbade him to do so.

Rishi Durvasa has always been known for his extreme anger, which has to be borne by everyone, Rishi Durvasa did not turn away from his talk even after Laxman’s repeated conviction, and in the end, he warned Laxman to curse Shree Ram.

Laxman’s anxiety increased even further. They did not understand that after following the orders of your brother or save them from getting curse. and then he took a harsh decision Lakshman never wanted to cause any harm to his brother because of him.

So He decided to sacrifice themselves. He thought that if he did not let the sage ‘Durvasa’ inside, then his brother would have to face the curse, but if he decides to go in himself and disobey Lord Rama, only he will be punished with life Lakshman thought of this as the right decision He proceeded and moved inside the room.

Seeing Lakshman interrupting discussion, Lord Rama himself got into trouble. Now, on one side, their decisions were compelled and on the other side were helpless with brother’s love. At that time, Shriram asked his brother to leave the state and country instead of giving death sentence.

In that era, desertion from the country was considered equal to the death penalty. But Lakshman, who could never live without his brother Rama, decided to leave this world. They went to the river Saryu, as soon as they entered the river, they changed into the incarnation of ‘SheshaNaag’ and went to ‘Vishnulok’ Shri Ram became very depressed after his brother’s departure.

Dear Subscribers, Just like Laxman without Ram cannot exist In the same way Lord Ram’s life was not feeling good without Laxman. He also made the decision of leaving this world. Then Lord Ram handed his palace and post to his sons with his sons and proceeded towards the river Saryu. By reaching there, Shri Ram went straight to the river ‘Sarayu’ and suddenly disappeared.

After some time, Lord Vishnu appeared from within the river and he appeared to his devotees. In this way, Shri Ram abandoned his human form and embraced the form of Vishnu in his true form and left for Vaikunth Dham.

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