Hanuman Meets Ravana Short Story

Hanuman Meets Ravana Short Story

In an elated mood, Hanuman starts destroying the trees and gardens on his way back. When the guards try to obstruct him, he throws them into thin air Hanuman’s adventurous exploits reach the attention of Raavana. He orders his younger son Akshay Kumara to capture the monstrous monkey. The loss of Akshay Kumara shocks Raavana.

He is forced to send his elder son, Meganatha… also known as Indrajith. Indrajith shoots the Bramhastra towards Hanuman. Though Hanuman is blessed by Brahma, that this weapon would do no harm to him… as a mark of respect to Brahma Deva, Hanuman surrenders. At the royal court of Raavana, Hanuman is ushered in. Hey you! Killer monkey! Who the hell are you? Huh! What does that look mean? You expect a royal welcome?

Basic courtesies are good human in nature not expected from demons. Huh! so, I made my seat. You betrayal monster, what are you up to? I am a humble messenger of Lord Rama. The proud Rama Dhoodha huh! I wanted to have a small taste of our capabilities. Hence, this little adventure. Hitting my dear son, Is it adventure to you? Good, so now you realise our valour With the same spirit release Sita Devi… and take the pardon of Lord Rama.

or else you will vanish with your coterie very soon. Behead this monkey, I throw the ruins over to Rama. Let him realise my strength. No elder brother… No… Killing a messenger does not give good indication about a prowess. Instead, you can defame Hanuman by setting fire to his tail. Afterall, the pride of the monkey lies in it tail.

Alright! Do so immediately before I change my mind. Thanks for giving me another opportunity. ha…ha… ha… The city of Lanka is in flames as Hanuman flies over…. Lighting each building with the torch of his tail. He descends to the sea with his tail in flames, wrenches the fire in the sea water, and then gets airborne en route to meeting Ram. Ram hugs Hanuman for accomplishing the task of identifying the whereabouts of Sita

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