Hanuman And The Sun Short Story

Hanuman And The Sun Short Story

Let us find out how the prey is going to be for the hungry Hanuman. The orange fruit in the sky. We know him a sun god. But this baby thinks differently. Honourable Devendra… Please save our Sun God. Hey you mad child! Stop… What are you doing?

Whom do you think you are going towards? He is the Sun God and not a fruit for you to eat. Mmhmm… Devendra… How dare you hit my son? I will make you repent for it. Vaayu Bhagvaan… Your son? Sorry… I was not aware of it. That’s no excuse Devendra. You will pay for this. Brahmadeva… Only you can console Vaayu Bhagavaan and restore breath to the universe. I pray for your help before it becomes too late. Don’t you worry Devendra… I have already initiated action.

Everything will be back normal see soon. Pardon me Vaayu Bhagvaan! I failed to see the innocence of a prodigy child. My ego got the better of my wisdom. I apologise for that. I am so glad you realised it quickly. As a mark of remedy, I have requested Sun god to accept Hanuman as his Student.

Sun god has agreed to illuminate the wisdom of Hanuman, with all good things to learn in life. It is indeed a great gesture. I am thankful to you Devendra and Surya Bhagvaan. Hanuman… You will have my blessings too throughout your life Bhrammastra will not do any harm to you from now on.

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