Durga kills Mahishasur Short Story

Picture for Durga Maa. Image of Durga thakur.

Narayan! Narayan! King Mahishasur, have you been enjoying yourself in heaven? It is nothing but bliss here. Day and night there is sweet nectar… …and the company of these gorgeous celestial dancers. I don’t know when the sun rises or sets. I will never give up the luxuries of this life. Who could ever leave these comforts and pleasures while alive? I came here to deliver some hidden news. All of you get out! Narad, come here.

Tell me what the matter is. Remember what I told you? – What did you say? Being immortal, no power can kill you. Do you know why I said that? Lord Shiva and Vishnu are powerless now. In order for Shiva and Vishnu to regain their lost power… …the Sanakadi rishis have began praying to Goddess Mahashakti. If they complete their oblations and Mahashakti is pleased… ….Lord Shiva and Vishnu will get their powers back… …and you will be killed. What did you say?

I will be killed?! Save yourself. Don’t take this lightly! If the ritual isn’t completed how can goddess Mahashakti appear? Go and disrupt the ritual of the sages immediately. What can I say, Narad? – Narayan! Narayan! I agree with your plan. I shall go crush those knotted-haired Sanakadi sages now! Narad. What have you done?

What did I do? We were waiting for the sages to complete their oblations so Lord Shiva and Vishnu… …would get their powers and rescue us. Lord Shiva and Vishnu do not have the strength to kill him. They killed their wives. The only one in the world who can kill him is Goddess Adi Shakti. So why did you send him to kill to those sages… …when they are praying for a boon from Goddess Adi Shakti? Don’t you understand the reason?

Mahishasur will disturbs those sages and anger the Goddess. Will the mother of universe be quiet seeing her devotees suffering… …and doing penance to invoke her? Understand the entire secret. Mother Ambe, save us! Please protects us! Mother! Respected salutations. Chandi! With every drop of Mahishasur’s blood that falls upon this earth… …a new Mahishasur is being created. Go drink every drop of his blood that has spilled to the ground. As you command.

Victory to Goddess Bhavani The demigods and sages worship you devotedly O brilliant doer of auspicious deeds, glory to you! Victory to the goddess who slayed Mahishasur O mother of the universe, we chant your name eternally Sanakadi rishis, I am pleased with your penance. Your wishes will come true. Brahma and demigods, my power will be split into two parts. One shall appear in Vaikunth and the other will incarnate… …here on earth in Daksha’s palace. When reunited with their consorts, Vishnu and Shiva will get their powers back. Do not fear.

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