Do you know Why Was Lord Shiva Scared of Kamdev?

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You guys must’ve heard about Kamdev (Cupid) & his arrows. But do you know that Shiva was once so scared that he ran away from Kamdev’s arrows? And who protected Lord Shiva at that time? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

According to Vamanpurana’s 6th chapter King Daksha’s daughter gave away her life, This shocked Lord Shiva, that he used to wander wherever he could. At that time, all gods decided to help Lord Shiva as it’s necessary for the world to survive.

As a result, they chose Kamdev for this task. Kamdev saw Shiva & shot his Unmadan arrow. This made me wonder in gardens & jungles. But he wasn’t happy there too. So he jumped into the Yamuna river, which turned the whole water black.

He still did not feel at peace. Looking at a sad Lord Shiva, Kamdev used is Santapak arrow. But this made him sadder. Somehow passed his time. Then Kamdev used his third arrow Vrijambhan.

Lord Shiva started Yawning because of the arrow & started wandering & kept yawning. At that time he met Kuber’s son Panchali. He moved closer & told Panchalik that, Because Kamdev’s arrows, I’m not happy or at peace. After hearing Lord Shiva, Panchalik offered To take all the arrows from Lord Shiva.

So Lord Shiva blessed him by saying you will be worshiped by my name. You will be called Panchalikesh. That’s how Panchilkesh helped Lord Shiva from Kamdev’s arrows.

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