Amazing India – Ram Setu Story

Amazing India - Ram Setu Story

raamaiah LEDs as the epic tale of victory of good over evil but this battle would never have been fought had Lord Rama and his vana Sena or his army of monkeys not cross the sea and reached Lanka Lanka today’s Sri Lanka is an island it was impossible to reach this island without a land connection the legend says that the army of monkeys built a bridge for everyone to cross over thousands of years later space images taken by NASA

reveal a mysterious ancient bridge in the park Strait between India and Sri Lanka Rama and says that Yantra or mechanical devices were used by the Vanaras or the monkeys to transport and piles tree then huge boulders and finally smaller stones to create a causeway it took five days and 10 million vanaras under the supervision of architects Neil and null to build this bridge the dimensions of the bridge when it was constructed was 100 yards in length and 10 huge dozen breath making it a ratio of 10 is to 1 the bridge from dannis quarry in India to the Lyman are in Sri Lanka as measured in present times is approximately 35 kilometers in length and three

point five kilometers in prep an exact ratio of 10 is to 1 surprise there’s more even today some floating stones are found on the coastal regions of Rama surely science has not been able to explain this phenomena so far the study of Oceanography suggests that Ram Sethu is 7000 years old the carbon dating of the beaches near the Nisqually sink with the date of remind this shows that mythology is actually ancient history the home of knowledge wisdom and mystery for thousands of years this is amazing India [Music]

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