6 Compelling Stories About The Legend Of Lord Shiva You Must Know

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From wearing Tiger skin to smearing his body with ash to smoking a Chilam he has a personality and like other gods the one who makes mistakes and learns from them the one who dances with a free mind the one.

who leads a simple life and it is always interesting to read stories and facts about him no wonder she was everyone’s favorite so here are some fascinating stories about the legend of Shiva you need to know the story behind Shiva’s blue throat the legend says that during the Samudra Manthan.

the ocean of the milk was being churned by the Devas and Asura’s the first thing to appear was a dark sticky foam the poison halahala that had the power to destroy the universe soon its fumes started to spread in the air and water she was ranked eighth to save the world Goddess Parvati caught hold of his neck to avoid the poison from entering his body.

and so it remained in his throat making it blue colored the story by Shiva covers body with ash one day the powerful sage panada was cutting some grass when he cut his finger and instead of blood his finger whose the sap of tree and he was filled with pride Shiva who witnessed this event took the guise of an old man asked him the reason for his delight.

and panada said that he had become the most pious man in the world but the old man questioned the say it’s joy saying that it was just sap when trees and plants are burned they turn into ash the old man demonstrated it by slicing his finger and spilled ash sage panada realized that it was Shiva before him and asked him to forgive his ignorance the story behind Shiva’s thunder one of the interesting legends related to Shiva stand-up goes like this once.

the dwarf demon APUs Mara challenged Shiva Shiva took the form of natraj and performed the famous stand-up eventually crushing the arrow Gannicus Mara under his right foot since apis mara should not die to preserve the balance between knowledge and ignorance it is believed that Lord Shiva forever remains in his Natraj form suppressing apis mara for eternity his Natraj of tar is a message that ignorance can only be our combined knowledge music and dance the story of Shiva and the snake around his neck well there are numerous tales associating snakes.

and Shiva according to wandering Samudra Manthan the churning of the ocean shiva drank a deadly poison it is believed that there were also some snakes in the water who did the same impressed by this act of snakes Shiva excepted wa suki king of snakes around his neck however in another version of the story the snakes help Shiva keep the poison in his throat the story of Shiva and the moon on his head there is a reason why this mighty.

Lord is called Chandra Shekar the word Chandra means moon and Shekar means crest of peak the moon had owns the head of Shiva which is explained as the peak point of any human being during the churning of the ocean when Lord Shiva consumed halal his body temperature.

started rising as it is believed that the moon is food in his demeanor he placed the moon on his head to lower his body temperature the story of Shiva and his association with bull Nandi the story goes like this sube the original mother of all the cows began to give birth to lot of cows the milk from all these cows flooded the home of Shiva angry at this disturbance to his meditation the God struck the cows with fire from the third eye seeing this the other God sought to come sewer down by offering him a magnificent bull Nandi the son of Sir bee and casaba which he accepted and rode then they also became the protector of all animals you

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