Sri Krishna talk about Karna’s – Karna’s greatness

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Karna has so much pride in his archery education He always try to be equal with me but he’s not even equal to dust on my foot While talking he always makes eye contact with us because of his EGO His head never be down in front of Pandavas today.

I Separated his head from his body all dignity and pride of Karna’s I broke today Krishna(Keshav) unnecessary you are giving importance to Karna unnecessary you are appreciating him I defeat him again and again, again and again, each time Karna was defeated by you but it doesn’t mean that he was not A Great warriors what you want to say Keshav (Krishna).

I am not a great warrior I am not the greatest archer parth (Arjun) Pitaham Bhishma was inactive by you. yes so are you greater archer than Bhisma ? no Krishna, prtamah bhisma is something different i was never better than pitamah bhishma never, but i am definitively better than Karna don’t know why you you are taking Karna side when ever i attack on karna, his chariot goes 10 foot back from its position and when karna was attacking on me.

my chariot goes back only by 2 foot still you are appreciating Karna At that time also not mine is that difference between power of our bows prove that i am the Greatest Archer no i am sitting with you on your chariot with taking weight of whole universe can any one even push is back by very small margin ?? no krishna says -> no.. then, Whenever karna push your chariot back by 2 step and you push his chariot by 10 step then you only decide whose arrow got more power Krishna, its ok that he pushes my chariot back.

But now whats doubt that i didn’t killed karna no arjuna, you are just medium for karna Death actually karna wasn’t died by you bhagrav Parshuram curse was the reason behing Karna death parshuram curse !! how yes arjuna, you dont know about this Mystery.

Parsuram to Karna => while you needed all this Education and power it wont work for you nooo nnoooo you will forget all the divine power when you most needed it noooooo…. parth that why i am saying you didn’t killed karna karna was killed by his Teacher curse because of this curse karna was died just like Kavach and Kundal given by god sun

this 2 curse was also part of his life and Bigger truth than this is, Karna lost this war intentionally what are you saying Krishna yes arjuna you don’t know, when karna become commander of army I visited his place karna place but why ? to give him invitation to come back in the side of Dharma i asked him to leave side of Adharma, and fight for pandawas(Dharma) but he says, he know Duryodhana is on Adharma side but but still its his Dharma to help his friend thats why he says – he can give his life for Dharma but he cant betrayed his Friend…

and he does what he says he don’t leave his friend and by giving his life for Dharma, and make way for Dharma victory yes, parth(arjuna) you never sees karna’s inner soul karna soul was Great soul parth person like him, born rarely in many Era people don’t says Karna greatest Danveers (A person who donates greatly) he make Daan till the end for pandavas mean for Dharma he Donate his Life Parth if you ever know all truth about karnas life, then you your-self, put down your head in ground and give him respect.

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